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CompTIA CyberSecure™ is a self-paced online training course that focuses on implications of security behaviors of everyone in the workplace…from a project manager to a facilities engineer and even the CEO. The 60-minute course covers online and offline behaviors that will reduce security risks.

CompTIA CyberSecure teaches employees security best practices vital to protecting your business. As the world leader in vendor-neutral IT training and certification, CompTIA is most qualified to serve the IT industry by educating end-users about critical security issues with this engaging new online training solution. With the growing rate of security breaches and the growing role human error plays in cybersecurity, organizations can’t afford not to take the time and money to implement CyberSecure.


The learning objectives were developed and approved with the help of the IT Security Community, a group of industry thought leaders working at the forefront of global IT security issues. CompTIA Research helped inform what corporate stakeholders want their employees to know about keeping information safe.

  • Learn how do attacks takes place in the outside world and in your office.
  • How to mitigate these attacks
  • How to stay secured when you are online
  • How to provide awareness to everyone when it comes to security
  • Defining the policies of security
  • Your role in securing your and your establishment security

CompTIA CyberSecure is an effective solution to one of the most pervasive, yet overlooked issues in corporate IT security: non-secure behavior of individual employees. The learning “seat time” is about 60 minutes.

Key Topics

The content is focused on how end-users can (and should!) protect their employers’ and their own data. Employing a down-to-earth style, CyberSecure is both highly interactive and entertaining to maximize learner attention, comprehension, and – crucially – retention.

  • Securing WiFi
  • Browser Security
  • Definitions of “wares”
  • Role in Protecting Data
  • Physical Security
  • Classification of Hackers
  • Demos
  • Case Studies
  • Candidates will also go through concepts of internetworking and the internet and VPN.

Top Benefits

  • Participants will leave this training with a solid knowledge and the following:
  • Learn what the steps of hacking are
  • Learn how to stay protected online
  • Obtain a Valid Certificate from CompTIA valid for 1 year
  • Secure yourself and organization

Who should attend?

This training is not targeting a specific group and it does not require any background in IT or a technical person, it is open for everyone as it covers the topics and guides the participants through the course phase from the beginning to the end with easy to grasp concepts or cybersecurity.

  • Graduates
  • School Students
  • College and University students
  • Managers of different departments with no technical background
  • Housewives
  • Anyone with the desire to learn about the world of cybersecurity and secure themselves

About CompTIA

The Computing Technology Industry Association) represents the global IT Industry, and is the leading provider of internationally recognized, vendor-neutral, IT broad-based certifications from entry to expert level. As a not-for-profit trade association CompTIA helps IT professionals and students advance their careers by validating an individual’s skills and knowledge to demonstrate to employers that they can do the job, regardless of the hardware or software product being used. Established nearly 40 years ago, CompTIA is ideally placed to serve the IT Industry with more than 3,000 members and 2,000 business partners.

Certificate of Attendance

Upon completion of the Cybersecure assessment an attendance certificate from CompTIA will be sent via the registered email


Abdelrahman Abdelhamied (Abdul)

Abdelrahman Abdelhamied (Abdul)

IT Consultant and Instructor - Middle East and North Africa region, CompTIA

He has delivered various training on topics related to Security and penetration testing globally and, in the region, he also spoke at many conferences globally covering topics such as Advanced Networking, Cloud and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Malware analysis, Advanced Security, Offensive security and VoIP Hacking.

He performs penetration testing for different entities around the region and audits IT Security in alignment of ISO 27001. He Holds a Master in Information Technology and Security from Pune University, India .