International Certificates in IT and English for Teachers and learners

DAY 2 | 13:00 – 14:30 | ROOM 2

International Certificates in IT and English for Teachers and learners

In this workshop, we will brief you about a range of important international certificates in IT and English fields for both teachers and learners. Cambridge English provides exams covering a number of different domains: general English, academic English and professional English, and English for young learners as well as a range of qualifications for teachers. Cambridge English Teaching Improve learner outcomes through teacher development and assessment. Cambridge high-quality teacher development and assessment ensures that teachers have the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to teach effectively, and the qualifications that prove it. Cambridge English Teaching can help you to build teacher capacity, with a range of specialised qualifications, courses and resources. These are designed to improve both language proficiency and methodological competences to the highest standards. Cambridge English exams are accredited by Ofqual, the UK regulator of qualifications and exams. They are also linked to the National Qualifications Framework in the UK and this is shown on the statement of results for all examinations. Cambridge English qualifications are accepted by thousands of universities, employers and governments globally. The exams are also accepted by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. They can open doors to higher education, improve job prospects and, because the qualifications are so well-known globally, increase mobility.


  • English Teaching Qualifications
  • English Assessment International certifications
  • CIT certificate

Key Topics

  • Learning about Cambridge English Teaching Framework
  • Learning about teaching qualifications for each learner stage
  • Learning about CIT certificate and how to refund its training cost from HRDF
  • Learning about Cambridge English Exams

Who should attend?

  • English Teachers
  • IT and English Institutes Managers
  • Job seekers
  • English learners
  • IT skills learners

About Oakwood International

TETEC is one of the largest private qualification awarding bodies in Saudi Arabia, that provides awarding and assessments for qualifications. TETEC works in partnership with a variety of organizations to deliver, develop and award qualifications. Some of the key partners include Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Cambridge English Language Assessment, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC). TETEC through cooperation with local and international bodies and organizations provides qualifications; supports the recognized centres which deliver specified qualifications to learners and trainers, provides quality assurance for these qualifications and implements online assessment for the qualifications. TETEC has successfully introduced different international certifications with its partners and innovatively promoted them in the Saudi market.

Certificate of Attendance

CERTX will issue a Certificate of Attendance to all delegates present at the Workshop (soft copy via email after the event.


Kareem El-Gendy

Kareem El-Gendy

Cambridge English Teacher Trainer and Team Leader, MENA.

Teacher Trainer, in NIEESSA Project (National Initiative for English Excellence in Schools of Saudi Arabia) delivering blended Teaching Qualifications: Language for Teaching (improving teachers’ English language), CELT-P/S (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary/Secondary) in six government secondary boys and girls schools. Team Leader of Speaking Examiners: responsible for Recruitment, Induction, Training, Certification and Monitoring in COE Project (Colleges of Excellence), now ‘International Technical Colleges’ that is a group of 31 vocational colleges where we trained more than 400 Speaking Examiners who conduct the Speaking test component to the KET and PET 40,000+ candidates. Previously worked as EFL/ESL instructor and ELA teacher.

Mustafa Ashanqueety

Mustafa Ashanqueety

TETEC Partner Relation Manager

  • Master of English Language
  • Cambridge English certified speaking Examiner
  • Certified Training Professional
  • CompTIA certified In networking and computer maintenance
  • Over 15 years of work experience in the field of IT and English international certificates