The role of HR in coaching and mentoring

DAY 2 | 10:30 – 12:00 | ROOM 1

The role of HR in coaching and mentoring

As “People Specialists” HR is ideally placed to help Line Managers and Staff to offer direct help and assistance with their Personal Development. The role of Coach is most often left to the Line, which is where it correctly belongs. However, Line Managers have themselves seldom been trained – or coached – on how to carry out this important task. As a result, the Organisation is the loser, and good practice is never really fully understood. Additionally, when Senior Managers are asked, or choose, to act as a Mentor, where a different (although complementary) skill-set is needed, they are often confused about this new role. Again because they have not been adequately trained. This Workshop will clarify these issues and offer practical advice and help.


  • What is Coaching and what does it involve
  • Good practice in Coaching
  • Coaching from HR – the added value element
  • What is Mentoring and what does it involve
  • The difference between Coaching and Mentoring 

Key Topics

  • The Role of a Coach in improving Organisational Performance
  • How HR can be actively involved
  • The Role of a Mentor
  • HR’s role and direct involvement on Mentoring

Top Benefits

  • How to Coach for Top Performance
  • Obtaining a clearer understanding of the Role of a Mentor
  • Specific Coaching and Mentoring for High Potential Staff

Who should attend?

  • HR Officers, Managers and Senior Managers
  • Recruiters and HRD/OD Specialists
  • Line Managers who Coach Staff on a daily basis
  • Senior Managers who undertake the Role of a Mentor

About Oakwood International

Oakwood was formed just under 20 years ago and is now a well-established Management and HR Consultancy with offices in the UK and Dubai. We are involved in delivering a wide range of highly successful consultancy advice, training and development contracts in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, The UAE and other GCC Countries. Oakwood specialises in the delivery of prestigious business qualifications:

  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) at Levels 3, 5 and now Level 7 (Advanced Post Graduate Programmes in HR).
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) at Levels 4, 6 and Level 7 (Post Graduate Diploma)
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) at Levels 3, 5 and 7 as well as at Levels 3 and 5 in Coaching & Mentoring.

Certificate of Attendance

CERTX will issue a Certificate of Attendance to all delegates present at the Workshop (soft copy via email after the event.


Dennis O’Donnell

Dennis O’Donnell

Chief Executive Officer, Oakwood International Ltd

Dennis has a background in business and finance. He has held a variety of senior management positions in industry and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Management Development and Leadership. He has a Masters from Cambridge University and is a Fellow of The Institute of Leadership and Management and an Associate Member of the CIPD.  Dennis’ key strengths lie in his ability to get to grips with business challenges quickly and come up with practical, workable and added-value solutions. He has merged his business acumen with his knowledge and skills in the people arena to offer consultancy and real help to all levels of Staff and Management alike. He is proud to be a founding director of The Oakwood Team.  Find out more